What are Legacy Cannabis Seeds?

Legacy cannabis genetics would typically refer to the old school classics, such as the landraces or hard to find legendary strains but legacy strains in particular usually refer to the strains that are or were once held pretty strictly in different regions and until more recently were only passed down to those who have earned the respect of the gatekeepers of such strains such as East Coast Sour Diesel, OG kush, Mendo Purp,  Chem Dog, Grand Daddy Purple (GDP), Hindu Kush, Cherry Pie Kush, Blue Dream, Jack Herer, Super Silver Haze, Amnesia Haze, Exodus Cheese ( UK Cheese), Northern Lights (NL5) , Durban Poison, and many others.

One of the biggest problems in sourcing these genetics is they are often mixed up in stories and the treasured phenotypes were held by only those with special access to the original sources but many tried to replicate with knock off imitations or sub par phenotypes due to the immense popularity of their name alone. Therefore it can actually be hard to find the real quality cuts of the ones that made the strain known, or at least ones worth sharing but easy to find all the wannabe’s. During prelegal days you had to really know a guy who knew a guy who only maybe actually knew someone with the real cut and they might give it to you with major restrictions and if they catch you sharing it against their request you coukd get cut off forever from any and all of the other genetics they may have access to, so for a long time these genetics were only kept among elite growers and shared with other elites who earned their respect. Luckily, in recent times a lot of those gatekeepers have opened up their stock to some really reputable breeders so now There are a few good US sources of quality verified legacy genetics such as the creations from Bodhi Seeds, CSI Humboldt, Top Dawg Genetics and Mass Medical Strains, in seed form snd of course more i didn’t mention, check my list of the 100 Best Cannabis breeders to find more who work with legacy genetics, and of course some of the creations from Light Seeker Seeds crossing old school and legacy stuff with new school hype strains to find the best of both worlds. Every strain has a long list of stories, and some will contradict others, so it is important to find the truth of each strain, and be careful, which cuts move forward with so you dont end up looking like a fool making inaccurate claims because you got sold a boof cut. 

a true Legacy strain can often have more beneficial effects than the majority of similar strains on the market today. Plus the nostalgia of  finding some of those old school legacy strains and tasting them again can be like a time machine back to the past. Sign up to our email list to Keep an eye out for our new releases so you dont miss out on your favorite legacy strain combinations! 

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