The 100 Best Cannabis Seed Breeders 2024

The 100 Best Cannabis Seed Breeders 2024

Theres no sure way to pinpoint the best cannabis breeder ever, because there are a plethora of dedicated popular breeders who have the skills to consistently push out fire! There are many top cannabis seed breeders but depending on you flavor preferences different genetics will stand out more to you and as you dig deeper into the cultivars and strains of today you will usually find a common theme amongst most breeders based off their own preferences being reflected in the work they produce because after all they are hunting for the things they like in the plant, and everyones preferences are different, some people like me like a little bit of every experience and smell as long as its grown right! 
so this list is in no exact order as they are all elite breeders in my book and II’d  grab any strain i find of theirs i can if i see it in the dispensary or in seed form, you can also get seeds and breeders cuts  from all the breeders im about to mention with exclusive lightseeker seeds discounts by visiting the other seedbanks page listed in the website menu on
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 "Quality Unique love and Passion inspired breeding since the 90's old school preserved Hawaiin genetics with the new school to create tropical island terpenes" -From aloha island Ig


As industry pioneers both in cannabis agriculture and as breeders, our seeds are uniquely suited to field scale production.  Simultaneously developing scalable cannabis production systems in the field and genetics to fit means our seed stands out in an industry that has long been rife with polyhybrid hype breeders whose work is done primarily indoors. All of our parent lines have been initially selected for field performance and repeatedly inbred to lock in the desired traits and isolate genetic markers associated with them. They are then outcrossed judiciously to produce industry-leading, elite seed lots that are as close to true F1s as are available to cultivators anywhere. Each line undergoes extensive trialing on our own licensed farm, so growers know we literally stand behind everything we produce.  - their website


Michigan based breeder and Creator of oreoz, pure michigan, tagalongz smores and more! Breeding of cannabis is an art! - from their instagram


 "With over 20 years buying seeds online and growing them we formed an addiction to growing, breeding with, and collecting elite genetics.
We also love to collect glass and art. The idea sparked to combine them all and offer a new form of collecting while we can follow our passion of making custom one of a kind pendants and show the world our art.
Every pack of seeds from us comes in a custom collectible pendant."
- from abseedco website 


Over the last decade, Barney’s Farm have produced some of the world’s most popular varieties of cannabis, Winning the Cannabis Cup and Indica/Sativa Cups with G13 Haze, Liberty Haze, Amnesia Haze, Willie Nelson, Cookies Kush, Pineapple Chunk, Tangerine Dream and many more, and Critical Kush becoming a bestseller within months of release.
- barneysfarm website 


Beleaf is known for selecting the phenotype of Gorilla Butter  bred by Fresh coast seed co Known as White Truffle. 
after makinggg fire selections Beleaf has created a long list of their own fire creations, from the Creature, Chimera, with rare clones and breeder cuts and more drops still  happening. Due to recent domestic abuse videos coming to light beleaf has lost the support of most of the community But their selections still live on. 
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We are a small group of lifelong cannabis devotees who intentionally breed for flavor and potency. These varieties are the favorites among a family of people who enjoy the art of the smoke. Join us in the hunt for cultivars tailored specifically for the world’s greatest cannabis." - from bloom seeds website 


Capulator’s collection showcases the finest in cannabis genetics, featuring the legendary MAC 1 cut alongside a diverse array of distinctive hybrids, each boasting exceptional potency, flavor, and overall quality. Our seeds are rigorously tested for genetic stability, ensuring consistent growth, and remarkable yields for cultivators of all levels.


Cannarado Genetics is the creator of Grape Pie and Sundae Driver as well as may more and has over 20 years of experience, as the name suggests they are based in Colorado. They are cannabis lovers and their main objective is to promote the knowledge of the best American strains to the rest of the world, especially those that have emerged in the state of Colorado. This seed bank offers the seeds in a regular or feminised form.


"Our Passion is Fun and Flavors, and for 20 years that's been focused on mixing flavors of candies. Now we are Bringing that spirit and flavor focused joy into our passion for Cannabis" -from their website 


Through rigorous phenohunting, collecting, and collaboration we combine rare and sought-after flavors to create today's best cannabis.



Inspired by Nature and the Cosmos

Respect For Mother Nature

Organic, Sustainable Regenerative Agriculture

All use is medicinal use!

Intuitive energy cultivates the most potent herb. 

High value crop production fueling growth and empowerment for local community

Imagine Fractal Beauty

Grown with artisan well water in organic soils Enriched with microbials and Crystals

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Based out of California, Crockett Family Farms (which as the name suggests is a family run farm) has produced some of the finest quality genetics and seeds in the world and is one of the most successful and respected cannabis companies in the industry. Best known for developing deliciously fruity varieties like Tangie, Strawberry Banana, Clementine and many more. Crockett Family Farms has won over 100 awards from nearly every major cannabis competition in the world, earning them an induction to the High Times Seed Bank Hall of Fame in 2017. And more recently named High Times 100 most influential people in cannabis.



Doja Exclusive is a small family of legacy operators that represent REAL cannabis culture. they aren't necessarily breeders themselves but hey are somoe of the best curators known on the east coast for selecting the best of the best from different breeder stock. Established in Sacramento, CA, our Many will know Doja from his most famous offering to date, the RS-11 (Rainbow Sherbet 11) cultivar, bred by Deep East and grown by Wizard Trees. The deep purple 


Coined the pioneers of feminized cannabis seeds, 
Dutch Passion are one of the world’s oldest cannabis seedbanks and one of the few remaining original seed companies.  We offer our customers a variety of original classic cannabis varieties as well as some of the very best new varieties, many of these are available in regular as well as feminized seeds. We began our work in the 1970’s and were formally established as a seedbank in 1987.
Our success has been built on 3 important principles. Firstly, we collect and breed the best cannabis genetics to allow the self-sufficient cannabis grower the chance to grow the very best quality cannabis for themselves.
Secondly, we continue to pioneer innovation.  We invented feminized seed in the 1990’s and more recently we have set the highest standards with feminized autoflowering seeds.  Dutch Passion has never been afraid to overturn conventional thinking in order to offer better seeds. 


After investing years of building relationships with some very talented breeders and growers, we have obtained some of the best genetics in existence. Our decision at Elev8 Seeds to carry a strain depends on whether we believe that strain to be a definite “keeper”. By working with large medical marijuana growers, we at Elev8 Seeds have had the opportunity to compare countless strains side by side in the same environment to find that top 1% that people search so hard for.
Elev8 Seeds’ mission is simple: to provide the best genetics in seed form to those that know the value of world-class genetics.


ethos consistently raises the bar and has its hand in many dispensaries thanks to their flavorful creations. 
"ETHOS is raising expectations. We’ve been taking a science-based approach to breeding cannabis since 1993. We offer the most elite, most efficient cultivars—from F1s to IBLs." - from ethos website 
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It all began in a little Hydroponic store in Tacoma Washington. Early on in the medical days I would donate time in exchange for garden equipment at my local hydro store. Day after day familiar faces would always come in asking for the best thing to kill bugs or powdery mildew. This was a common practice back then being as most medical patients trying to grow their own medicine would find themselves getting their starts from the local clone guys. It was also extremely common for those same clone guys to carry a plethora of bugs, mildew, and disease. We all know that there isn’t much you can do when you start a garden off with  problems like any of those, similar to a wild fire just waiting to take down a forest.
Seeing this time and time again, I decided  help with anything I could to assist my fellow medical patients success in producing medicine for themselves. That’s when I put up a small tent and attempted my first seed making project. I figured if I could give these guys a clean start from seed, and as long as they started with a clean room and didn’t bring anything foreign into their areas, they would no longer have to deal with disease or pest nuisances destroying their hard work...." Learn the whole story on their website 


Highly Motivated Since 2015
Mixing old school genetics with innovative breeding techniques, Fresh Coast Seed Co. proudly introduced 29 amazing new cannabis strains into the world, and took gold at the 2019 High Times Cannabis Cup for best vape cart.

But the best is yet to come.


Now run by the predecessor Fang, 
Gage Green Genetics improves upon the world's legendary and elite cannabis phenotypes. All hybrids undergo extensive selection trials to ensure the development of champion varietys that gave way to many of the most popular  cultivars today, from Grapestomper, Mendo Breath, Cherry Pie Kush,  and many amazing crosses made from Heirloom next to impossible to find elsewhere genetics like their High school Sweet Heart, Mona Lisa. Their hybrids are high yielding and vigorous for the new and seasoned growers alike. Our collection includes the rare and authentic clone-only genetics from all over the world. Patients deserve access to potent connoisseur genetics. With Gage Green Genetics, you will discover your own unique champions.

We pride ourselves in our method - working personally with each individual plant and hand-selecting every single seed - so you get your hands on the best seeds from our garden. Because of the extra care involved in our production process, we only produce limited quantities of each strain. We are constantly improving and innovating on past strains to give you new and better combinations and flavors. - Gage Green Group 


Fang Carrys on the legacy Gage Green Group is Known for with his new brand Genetic Designer 
"Michael Fang is a breeder of multiple High Times Cannabis Cup winners. Genetics produced by FANG can be seen in the work of many famous seed companies and grown in world-class boutique gardens across the industry. FANG will continue his prolific breeding style under his own personal brand, using the same focus on boutique and craft that made Gage Green Group a worldwide phenomenon" -prn news 
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Sowing seeds of knowledge - Est. 2016
Holistic Practices - Only Organic
We hail from Oregon our team has been growing since the 90's and GNOSTIC was established in 2016.
We are currently only shipping in the USA.
gnosticseeds Instagram
We hand select the the heartiest males that grow thick and stout and we have hand selected a plethora of mothers many of which were grown straight from seed pheno hunted and sorted through generations to get the perfect producer.
We search to produce the most terpene rich profiles along with amazing technicolor presentations. Everything is lab tested for potency and you can really expect our genetics to pack a serious punch.
Everything we grow is completely organic we do not use any synthetic nutrients and have been using completely bottle free practices since 2012. We make our own ferments re use soil and only use top dressing and basic amendments. We are truly seed to soil and we believe is medicine first! - strainly 


Grandiflora Genetics was founded in 2008. It is Oakland's premier luxury cannabis brand and breeds some of the most exclusive strains around. known for collabs with cookies and major brands and strains like Grandi Guava, grandi Candi and many more


John Bayes has been a key player in the cannabis industry in both Oregon and California for the last 20 years. His focus has been cultivation education in combination with high level Buddhist teachings which integrate intention into the cultivation practice. These practices along with sourcing the highest level of organic inputs combine to create the methodology we call “Intentional Horticulture”. John has also consulted at nearly every level in the cannabis industry, whether it be in cultivation, or at the State and National level with many politicians that champion the cannabis industry.

Philanthropic endeavours include monetary and physical donations to His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s personal monastery, The Namgyal Monastery Institute of Buddhist Studies.




Grow Today Genetics is a privately owned company. Our team has over 10 years of experience. Our goal is to bring fine and exotic genetics to the cannabis community. We specialize in breeding, consulting and the horticulture of all plants. We strive to meet the needs of all patients around the world."- from their website
LIght Seeker Seeds Exclusive Discounts on the best seeds and breeders cuts



G13 Labs company has quite a stretch of history that dates back to the late 1980’s in the north of the United Kingdom. This is where the original Agent set up an underground collective, which then made its way to Amsterdam where G13 Labs formed connections with various other experienced Agents. They have since then spread worldwide and have established their own cannabis seeds strains. G13 Labs provide a wide range of different strains that would satisfy the most accurate and hard to please connoisseurs. G13 Labs strains are loved for their impressive yield, fast flowering and their unbelievable taste and aroma. The flavours are so distinctive and unique that you will not want to ignore these strains. In fact the feminized Pineapple Express strain is G13 Lab’s best ever seller so don’t miss your chance to get your hands on one of the most famous strain in the cannabis seeds market and a whole range of top quality G13 Labs cannabis seeds!


Grand Daddy Genetics was founded by Ken Estes, a medical user with over 30 years of experience, committed to developing superior strains to improve pain relief for those in need. 
Since the release of Grand Daddy Purp in 2003, Graddy Daddy Genetics has become known as the home of purple cannabis strains, but Ken's commitment has also been to medical patients. The purple cannabis strains are just a bonus. The colours are attractive, but the main positive of the strains is that they provide genuine medicinal value to users. 
Through years of hard work and dedication, Ken has become known in the cannabis community as the medicine man. Even with a name like the medicine man, his achievements far exceeded anything he thought was possible. 
"As a medical patient myself, for the last 35 years, I tried to create some of the best strains of marijuana available in collectives today."


Created by Arjan recently named an industry pioneer at spannabis 2024 because Arjan and his company has truly has set the standard early for great cannabis and have been st the forefront of legalization. Green house seed co was originally known for many creations that won some of the first ever high times and they also run a chain of coffee shops in amsterdam, for strains like white widow and super silver haze, they have many new mixes of the legendary exodus cheese cut some of which i enjoy to this day, green house seed co is one One of the well known legends that helped set the foundation for todays evolving cannabis market. and more recently they are also know as the Strain hunters, with new creations by combining landraces from different regions of the world with newer modern genetics to create unique hybrids.  RIP to Franco Loja and may his passion live on with the green house seed co team and their fans. 



In a market where 99% of folk are walking the same path, we thought we’d try and be different. Cannabis has come a long way in recent years, and with legality increasing everywhere, the boundaries of innovation are expanding. But being unique in an otherwise crowded industry requires an open mind, creativity, and most importantly, guts. something many see as lacking.
Hyp3rids has two fundamental breeding goals, quality and effect.
Everything else is secondary. Quality means for strong, vigorous growth and structure, with the ability to produce, regardless of environmental factors. Effect is purely judged on the medicinal value, both cognitive and physical.
With these two characteristics at the core of our efforts, each of our strains are broken down in the same way. The plants ability to grow and yield is measured on one side of the scale, while its medicinal value is taken into account on the other." - From their website 
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Humboldt Seed Company

Humboldt Seed Company (HSC) was founded in 2001 by biologists in Humboldt County, California breeding initially for patients under the state’s Prop. 215 Medical Marijuana Initiative. Since its inception, HSC has evolved to create top tier cannabis seeds for the recreational market, providing seeds to both commercial and home growers. HSC conducts unprecedented phenotype hunts that take place annually feeding a scientific approach to feminized, regular and autoflower seed breeding that’s vetted by California’s best cannabis farmers. As the largest licensed cannabis seed provider in California, we’ve remained committed to our roots in environmental and social justice, serving our community for over 20 years. 


Humboldt seed organization 

Humboldt County, located in Northern California, has been the setting for many impactful and historical changes in a short amount of time. Due to its dramatic geographical features, including 300 miles of rugged undeveloped coastline, six rivers, two mountain ranges, some of the only remaining old growth coastal redwood forests as well as countless other species of wildlife. The region of Humboldt County has always been treasured for its raw and natural resources.The next chapters to be told in Humboldt County are now in the hands of the cannabis community. Through good land stewardship practices, Humboldt County can and will emerge as a transformative and exemplary eco-conscious community, built on strong environmental values and business ethics.


In-House Genetics is an established company specializing in micro-breeding. With new strains coming out every month, In-House Genetics is always the leader for new cross breeds and exclusive limited crosses. We take pride in our craft and will never settle for anything less than perfect. Thank you for choosing In-House for all your genetic needs! known for Slurricane (#7 being the best), Dolato , jelly breath, king bling, sugar cane ( dip n stix) and many more very frosty strains. 
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As we search for the best strains in the world for our patients, our small batch garden has grown over 300+strains and counting. You can get your hands on these crosses that have been created with only the handful of keepers!


Micah Rubinstien’s relationship with cannabis began in his early teens, as part of the treatment and management of his epilepsy.  Within a few years, he was able to eliminate the grand mal seizures caused by his epilepsy through the use of cannabis. This powerful demonstration of the healing potential of cannabis had a profound impact on young Micah and set him on a path of being a shepherd of and advocate for cannabis around the world. " - excerpts from their website 


Buy any 2 packs on our site and get the 3rd half off! 
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Of Course Had to add our own Brand to the list, and we hope too match up to the heavy contenders on this list!
Low till, strictly organic inputs. Most nutrients come from the regenerative compost I craft from my organic food scraps and garden waste i call “black gold” along with carefully sourced natural ammendments to avoid toxins.
Cannabis has been a part of my life since i was 13 years old, My years of experience help me select the smells, tastes and feelings my friends and I have enjoyed the most over the years while my constantly growing research from qualified sources help me stay strict selecting only the most  well suited plants for breeding. Honing new abilities to create healthier soil has led to embracing a healthier diet for my plants and myself as well, leading to an overall more regenerative lifestyle. I keep it transparent by relaying all the  knowledge i collect on youtube, I dont believe in keeping secrets for profit
as you may know I apply ancient natural secrets passed down from legends before us mixed with modern science to form the healthiest organic seeds and medicine possible. I only use ethically sourced nutrients for the most cost effective, regenerative low till organic methods that are constantly improving to unlock the full genetic expressions different cannabis cultivars have to offer in order to create positive vibes with the least negative impact to earth’s ecosystems. I don’t believe in keeping secrets for profit, so i share all my methods at no cost. 10% of all proceeds also go to different related charities to give 
Although weed has come a long way there’s still a lot of problems surrounding the plant that hasn't caught up to modern times. Many who paved the way are still incarcerated for minor offenses, thats why 10% of all proceeds from Light Seeker Seeds go to different charities supporting cannabis or those who have sacrificed their lives for this miraculous plant and to safeguard it for future generations. Interested in what charities we support? Click Here  


Known for the Lemon cherry gelato and many other LIT strains! 
We are a family of cannabis pioneers with a deep-rooted belief that from humble beginnings come great things. With an innate passion for the beauty and essence of cannabis artistry, we set out to preserve our craft and safeguard its roots from getting Lost In Translation." - From their Website 


Here at Little Lake Valley Seed Co I produce genetics specifically bred for resin production and solventfree hash making. Everything is gardened with a Low-Till model. utilizing bio-intensive, regenerative, sustainable, and organic practices
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Magick Beans was created by the master growers at Happy Little Tree'z.
With the Old Genetics still available and in use... They have pushed forward and Completed a New Generation of Strains that are Medically Viable.


The Spanish seed bank Mamiko Seeds was born in 2012 and offers hybrids based on US elite clones, with a work mainly focused on the Girl Scout Cookies Forum S1.
The real work of the cannabis seed bank Mamiko Seeds truly began in 2013 with the first crosses on a Girl Scout Cookies Forum S1. Following the success of the first hybrids, Mamiko Seeds have continued working with the GSC to perfect this type of crossbreeding.
We are honored to carry one of the hottest new breeders and brands to emerge from the Spanish cannabis scene. Taking off by storm in America with the discovery of the GMO Cookies, selected by skunk master flex of Mamiko Seeds chemn cookies cross has not slowed down its momentum


Founder, chicken head, farmer, master breeder and also know as Instagram’s most hated. Masonic is the mastermind behind the company. Masonic seed company is based out of Compton California. We are a southern California seed bank. You wont be disappointed when buying from us! he openly doesnt usually test strains But he is clear about his methods and his wilson male usually produces fire regardless, his work with umami terps is also something worth noting. Big Mase  (Edgar Pena) is also the host of Free Seed Day, an event where many top graders send in new creations to be handed out to hundreds of attendants  each year. You may even have got a pack of my light seeker seeds there! 



Mass Medical Strains is a collective of atoms working together in living harmony creating a unique positive vibration. All plants are grown and bred 100% organically with no additives. We believe in copying nature as much as possible, to stay wholesome and true to our souls, health, and the environment. Most plants are grown with nothing but soil and water, as nature intended.
We have come out into the community because of so much local positive feedback and demand, as well as an international presence where our purple strains have been gaining attention as some of the most stable, potent, and enjoyable new varieties. This is all a hobby, a side project in life. It is not done with money as a goal, and therefore all actions are done as a labor of love. The vibes translate to the plants, as they are grown and bred with good intentions and a positive wholesome energy that passes on to anyone who comes in contact with them. Each plant is harvested with a spoken prayer, giving the plant wholesome intentions and positive vibes. We follow no religion, we just believe in the energy of the universe as a complex, interconnected force.
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Now, Shiloh is making his fantastic cannabis strains available to you with Massive Creations!
Massive Creations Cannabis Seeds are the products by the extremely talented breeder Shiloh Massive who is a grower that has bred marihuana for a long time now. He travelled a lot and took some fantastic genetics for his creations, he has been gardening and searching in Amsterdam, Spain, California or Hawaii where he found impressive genetics. Now you can order some great blends that he made over the last years, all different plants offer an incredible powerful flavour and amazing results – the product range features his own created strains like the Blue Z Burger, the Cherry Impossible or the Thors Hammer but together with the well known enterprise T.H. Seeds he also made some nice blends like Black Apple Hitchcock and Shilo-Z.


(Mendo dope boys) 

Mendo Dope genetics are bred right in the heart of the famous Emerald Triangle in Northern California. These unique  strains are created by using nothing but the best varieties that have been hand selected by these veteran growers. Bred for flavor, resin and high terpene production these strains are made for the connoisseur growers and smokers. The Mendo Dope Boys known on youtube for their massive redwood like cannabbis plants with pineapple sized fruits  worked side by side with legendary breeder Subcool for many years and learned about the art of breeding and creating new flavors. They created their first strain in 2017 and now have a catalog of winners for growers around the world. With so many great varieties you are sure to find something you will love. 


I've never grown this breeder as i dont grow auto strains but i have many friends who speak highly of mephisto if If you're looking for auto strains this would be my go to suggestion, as thats what they specialize in. and by their history it seems they definitely have a passion for cannabis,

"those just discovering Mephisto Genetics we are a small outfit of autoflower enthusiasts, founded by two friends in 2012 we've now grown to a team of 12 people split between 5 countries across two continents.

Our story starts 18 years ago... Strap in! 

Today MEPHISTO is a team run by two guys with the same mission in life - To wake up every day with a choice to do what we love to do, build meaningful relationships and do great work.

You've heard our story, it's now time for you to create yours.



Nasha Genetics is born from the determining encounter between passion from India and expertise from California. Two opposite yet complementary worlds. Ideas from both sides began to intertwine and a common vision emerged. They are committed to the environment and 100% organic growing practices.



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LIght Seeker Seeds Exclusive Discounts on the best seeds and breeders cuts





Jbeezy is an absolute legend in the game from his work with so many iconic strains in the industry with legendary works of art including Kush Mints, animal mints, animal cookies,  wedding cake, ice cream cake, wedding crasher, and cake crasher and more recently cap junky, the soap,Permanent marker, pineapple fruz, purple octane, and too many to count just consistent fire as always from jbeezy, his drops always sell out now and they are expensive but worth it. I have an amazing cut if cake crasher the epitome of wedding cake strains, and so many of his creations are all heavy hitters. These packs become so rare that Theres a lot of fakes selling look alike seeds and even fake websites impersonating Seed Junky, always be sure you are on the correct websites and not an impersonator. 

For Info

For Seeds

any other websites could be a scam, be sure to check jbeezys real instagram profile and twitter (now X) for full updates 


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known for legends like sin mint cookies, and blue power Sin Mint Seeds has been a round for a long time and i dont see them going anywhere anytime soon with the consistent fire they put out, they just did a remake of the sin mint cookies, definitely something worth keeping an eye out for


A long-time plant enthusiast, Joe started experimenting with hybridizing cannabis back in the early 90s. His first hybrid was a success, yielding a large producing plant that is cold tolerant and has an amazing taste, smell, and high.

In 2012, Oregon’s medical cannabis program was expanding, and Joe was hired to head a cannabis breeding program for a cultivator’s incubator in Beaver Creek, Oregon. Find out more on  their story here  


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LIght Seeker Seeds Exclusive Discounts on the best seeds and breeders cuts



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