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Transcend Your Garden With Some of the Best Breeders Cuts Clones and Seed Banks Featuring Many of the Most Sought After Breeders & Genetics in The Industry.



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Seed Bank International

Some of The Industries Best and Hardest to Find Breeders and Genetics, get the newest drops before they’re sold out! 
Seed Bank International, Featuring some of the Cannabis Industries Best Breeders and Genetics the Cannabis industry has to offer.


Genetic Designer Seeds 

Legendary Heirloom Genetics Designed By Fang of Gage Green Group


Genetic Designer New Releases by Fang of Gage Green Group



Legit Genetics

Certified Breeder Cut Clones of Some of The Current Industries Rarest Gear. Cut to order and shipped to your door 
Legit Genetics offers Breeder Cut Clones Of Top Cannabis Industry Genetics



Local East Coast Option

Boston Clone Co 

If you're in the east coast, I highly recommend Boston Clones. They test all their mothers for HLVD and keep strict clean practices. They have an ever changing rotation of verified breeder cut clones featuring some of the most sought after clones on the market. They have local pickup & shipping
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Boston Clones Co Logo




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