Who We Are

What is A Light Seeker? 

A Light Seeker, otherwise known as a light worker My definition of a light seeker is: someone who wholeheartedly lives to make the world a brighter place. A light seeker is someone who seeks the light out of the darkness that surrounds us both physically and mentally. Light Seekers turn their light on by following what lights them up and then effortlessly sharing that light with the world around them. They are in tune with the passions of their soul and act on its whispers regardless of fear from the ego. They do not need to convince anyone of anything, rather just be the light. Anyone who chooses to devote their life to being a bright light in the world is a light worker. As "seekers of the light," we are united in an invisible bond of love for all humanity. We have faith in mankind. We know that good shall be victorious and ...as light seekers, we attempt to find the good or light in all people and scenarios to make sense of the human experience from the standpoint of love and logic. We believe we are spiritual beings, living a human existence.

As light seekers, we tend to be catalysts and encourage others to find their center, often times sacrificing our own well being in the process. Light Seekers never stop questioning reality, and will forever be seeking the truth to expand our consciousness. Light Seekers understand that man is flawed, but the spirit is pure. Our role is to aid the progress of Universal knowledge and individual co-existence.

There are two types of energy on this planet: light and dark. Light energy is unlimited and comes from Source. It’s high vibrational, expansive, positive, and full of love.

Dark energy is much more dense. It’s the manipulation, power struggle, and fear. It sees us all as separate, rather than connected spiritual beings. It goes against the flow of the Universe.

I believe We are all just energy connected to the universal consciousness and Our purpose in life is to fix our flaws so we can evolve into the next level of consciousness  or perhaps even another dimension. The Universal Life force is a collective of spiritual energy and a singular consciousness. Our experiences, failures, and successes will affect each proceeding incarnation of this universal timeline. Seek out the light and be the catalyst of change. Help others find their light and peel away their humanity, so that they may discover the beauty of their spirit. For the spirit is everlasting, and the human experience brief. To be tolerant we can’t tolerate intolerance.  Be kind to others, chase your dreams and most importantly be yourself. Your thoughts manifest your reality. Some call it working your light. By following what you love, By choosing a higher thought when you find yourself in a bad mood, when you encourage someone instead of criticizing them, or when you share your unique gifts with the world at no cost, you are working your light. By connecting to the unlimited supply of love in the Universe, you are working your light. By being true to yourself, you are working your light. By being kind and compassionate, you are working your light.

It’s this kind of perspective that led me to believe keeping secrets for profit has suppressed evolution for too long and it is important to share all we learn with the community at no cost which is why i made my youtube channel so that we can all continue to evolve together, instead of dying with secrets we feel entitled to because we paid for them. As much as I believe it is  important to pay it forward we must also  pay it backwards to all the legends and wrongly prosecuted who paved the way for us to thrive today. Which is why i built giving back into lightseekerseeds.com by donating 10% of profits from every sale to meaningful charities. 

Now i ask, Are you a Light Seeker? 

How Light Seeker Seeds Started

It all started over a decade ago with guerilla style grows that i tried many times since middle school but they were always discovered and chopped before harvest by passerby’s. It wasnt until about 10 years ago i could finally setup a light in a small closet and i finally could do an indoor grow so i could really start to see the full growth cycle of the plant.  It was at this point I started shifting from bottle nutrients and started making my own compost and eventually shift to an organic regenerative style.

 When growing in a well developed living soil The microbes and fungi communicate with the plant to exchange the exact nutrients it needs for compounds produced by the plant in a symbiotic relationship, thus unlocking the full genetic ability of the plant. When growing with bottle nutrients  you kill this relationship and are attempting to speak a  language  the microbes and fungi in the soil have evolved for millions of years to speak. You can still get great results from a bottle but many micronutrients and compounds from the soil are not present with synthetics and they will most likely never achieve the full expression, either way one style fights nature and harms the earth while the other works with it and can even heal damage ecosystems. Which is why organic produce of any kind will always be more beneficial than synthetically grown. Organic soils unlock the full potential of the plant while also doing right by not only your own health but the Earths as well. Now the soil in some of my pots is over 5 to 6 years old and getting better with each cycle, and everything from my garden goes right back into it creating very little waste and using less water. 

My interest into organics began in school, Environmental science has always been one of my favorite subjects, i have always been intrigued with how different chemicals and toxins build up in our ecosystems and effect wild life through waste run off, causing mass algo blooms leading to massive dead zones in the ocean where theres not enough oxygen for anything to live. as well as  bio accumulation and how such toxins and endocrine disruptors not only harm the plants but also disrupt the fertility and health of all living beings they interact with. I grew angered by modern farming practices and how they have evolved to value high yields over nutrient density.  Although we have the most access we ever have, our food has become literally more toxic and less nutritious than ever before leading to a plethora of health issues we see today. The more i learned about soil, the more i learned about our bodies microbiome and it made me shift my eating habits towards mostly only things that are compostable, as the metabolic processes carried out by a healthy gut bacteria is very similar to what is happening in healthy soil. We should never eat processed foods, and we should never grow food or anything for consumption with over processed nutrients. 

At first switch to organics i was just getting mediocre results but over time i started studying people like the rev, coots, subcool and many others after years of experimenting and many cycles i formed my own composting and regenerative growing style based off all my mentors to create a unique growing style that can be replicated to grow what i call Organnabis, or organic cannabis. Keeping secrets for profit has suppressed evolution for far too long, thats why i share everything I know at no cost. 

I only grow for personal use, but my friends quickly fell in love with everything that came out of my garden, and would beg me to smoke some every time i saw them swearing that it was better than anything they could find in the dispensary, and as I continued to gain my knowledge, many people would come and ask me for tips so they could grow their own. Usually i would get a lot of the same types of questions so I decided to make a YouTube to relay all the knowledge with the community that i have gained from others,  that way when friends asked me, I could just send them the video to make it easier for both of us. At first it seemed like a waste of time, but after awhile i started to get a lot of recognition from growers just starting out as well as even pros and people i looked up to recognizing my methods. I do not condone illegal activities everything is for educational purposes only, please be sure to look up your local laws. 

I believe keeping secrets for profit has suppressed evolution for far too long. Which is what i want everyone to have the knowledge openly. 
Nothing feels better than hearing how much something I’ve made or info I provided  helped someone grow the best cannabis they’ve ever seen or smoked. Everyone has the ability to create an amazing end product.  I  have seen time and time again that a passionate home grower has the potential to out grow even the best commercial facilities. 

After over a decade of growing and selecting my favorite Smells and unique traits i began crossing my winners together to create my own varieties, at first just for personal use. I have been giving out my creations to friends and my supporters and once i worked out some kinks with shipping I have gotten nothing but excstatic reviews praising the creations and asking for more.

This year as i test some of my latest creations I will be putting my regenerative practices and selections to the test by entering as many competitions as I can to get my genetics on the map. I hope i can prove myself to the community, and earn respect from the legends i look up to. 

Sharing the light is my most important mission.  Which is why i am giving back to the community with not only l all the free knowledge i provide, but with every Light Seeker Seed sale i will give back to those who came before us by donating 10% of profit to the last prisoners project. I’m also on the lookout for smaller local charities that support the community in different ways. To Learn more about the charities I support check the donations section of Light Seeker News. 

A Small Glimpse Into my Past, 

For those who really want to get to know me. 

This is just part of my story but i think this may be the most influential period that led to my current situation and one of the reasons why cannabis is so important in my life.


I wouldn’t say im gifted by any means, but school was boring and my life at home wasn’t stable at the time so there was no chance of me doing homework, i was late almost everyday because i couldn’t sleep and i missed 1/3rd of all the days of school because i hated it there but i loved learning, i passed every test As-Bs and so my absences and not doing homework or any home projects didn’t matter because my test scores carried me through. I was a troubled child and i struggled to stay consistent. Every year they threatened to hold me back for my absences, but they always made an exception knowing my home life wasnt stable. My test scores carried me up until 11th grade they decided 60-70 absences out of 180 days was too much to allow through even though i never did homework or projects and i still had B‘s and C’s in all my classes because of  my high test scores so i really didn’t fail out of any of my classes, but i was held back regardless, to be stuck doing the same classes i had already passed, while my classmates moved on without me.


At the time this was one of the worst things i thought could ever happen, i thought my young life was over and despite my frustration and being forced to be bored through the same classes that i had already technically passed, i sucked it up the best i could and attempted to go for one more year and promised i would just show up every day i could if that’s all i needed to do. But my inconsistency continued and i was honestly on another path of too many tardies absences and just leaving school rather than throwing a tantrum and making things even worse for myself. but after an incident where i didn’t like the school lunch one day, ( it was an inedible lunch and i relied on the food from school since i was on free lunch program and didn’t have much at home)  so i was very upset and hangry for lack of s better term. So  like many times before i tried to leave the school before my frustrations led to me lashing out at a teacher or staff, but a substitute teacher that didn’t know me happened to witness me  working through my frustrations with a friend before i left l which was the last straw for the school system.
This led to  the vice principal trying to medicate me for "my attitude” and when i returned  to school i was told by the vice principal i would not be allowed back in school unless i cooperated and started taking a prescription medication daily. 

So I did what any sensible person would and acted like i was taking it for a few months hoping it would all blow over. He even praised me for how well i was doing now that i was on it, but i never took it once because i dont agree with modern medicine nor did i think i should be forced to be medicated in such a way. Not to mention  i looked into the drug and one of the side effects could have caused me to literally grow boobs. My hopes that it would blow over soon vanished when i was told by my principal that he had areanged with my doctor to get blood tests to be sure i was taking the prescription. This was like a nightmare to me, as i really wanted to graduate and make my grandmother proud, but this was the last straw for me because i wasn’t being forced onto medication that would turn me into a mindless zombie with gynecomastia. So the week i was scheduled to go to the doctor for blood tests to prove it  was in my blood with no way around it i was forced to drop out and get to work and stop wasting my time in a school that wasn’t designed for me. There were a few teachers that understood me and i will never forget them but the majority just thought i was a nuisance. I dropped out and got my GED at the next scheduled testing so technically i graduated before my normal class did as they were all still seniors at the time. I started working full time and set out on my next chapter of life.


I still look back and wish i could have not stayed back and graduated normally with my class but theres no changing the past. Now Everyday i set out to prove you dont need a formal education to be successful. And just becsuse you dont  conform to the regular system doesnt mean youre dumb. I look up to people like Nikola Tesla, and Albert Einstein who also was a high school drop out and the other brilliant minds that came before us who set the foundation for our modern society. By no means do i think i am on the level of these people but they make being different seem like less of handicap and more like a super power. I think we all have unique skills and abilities that wont be unlocked if we force ourselves to conform to modern society and kill off our curiosity and creativity.


I Enjoy studying new releases and stay current on new data on soil and food webs, i greatly look up to current industry leaders like Paul Stamets who also didnt receive a formal education but has become the go to source of information at the forefront of mycology study  from the most qualified sources even receiving and honorary degree for his contributions to science.


The funny thing about school is most of my questions would go unanswered because they weren’t a necessary part of the curriculum and most public teachers by no fault of their own are stuck within certain parameters based off the national requirements and standards so that we can try to look good to other countries with high standardized test scores.  Ironically now I wake up super early most mornings without an alarm and I do most of my work from home. I like spending late nights researching topics and my curiosity has never left me. Ive just found better ways to teach myself that arent boring.


Cannabis was always there for me during these times and even harder ones in my earlier childhood that i dont have time to get into. Against popular opinion it kept me from going too far into  other substances as well as my surroundings and the people in my life around me struggling which gave me examples of what i did not want to become. Cannabid was always there for me when no one else was, and it gave me an alternative perspective on not only my problems but my life in general, and allowed me to keep moving forward on days i just wanted to give up. And so i want to share the benefits of this plant with others, and help others grow their own so hopefully it can help them like its helped me with my mental health through adhd, depression, anxiety and whatever else i would probably be diagnosed with if i visited the wrong doctor. in my journey i have   found organic cannabis to provide the most well rounded usefulness. thank you for listening to my journey, perhaps it makes a bit more sense now why I am focused on helping others overcome their darkness. Never stop being curious and question everything. 

Thank you for sharing the light!
- Z 

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