Terp Testing Chart


I made this chart to gather the human perspective on my strains, after every harvest i have a terp testing where all my friends get to experience the new smells from each strain.  I made this form to gain a better human perspective.  While getting lab tests is useful to find the present terpenes in a strain, what can be confusing is that many of the same terpenes are present in many different strains so it can be hard to tell what that means directly in terms of smells because the  different ratios and combinations of terps and other volatile compounds we may not even be capable of testing for in each strain create a multitude of different smells that every person will experience slightly differently. Therefore  i find the human perspective equally if not more  important than the lab results since they dont test for VSCs, esters, aldehydes, or flavonoids which all contribute to the overall smells of all things including cannabis flowers. By gathering both data points from the lab and the personal experience it can help get a better understanding of how different terpenes and volatile compounds translate to different people and then I can select new creations based off the smells terpene combinations that people find the most unique. 

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Terp Test Instructions.

I1. Click & Hold the blank Terp Test Template above and save it to your phone or device.

2.  Fill out the Template according to the instructions on the template. 

3. Upload your completed Terp Test so we can learn about how different terps translate to each person!  





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