Best Cannabis Seeds 2023

The Best Cannabis seeds in my opinion are organicly made. Thats why all light seeker seeds are made with both yours and the earths health in mind.
 Many people choose to switch to organic Cannabis after learning about the many down sides of synthetic farming, its often also those who prefer to eat organic foods and are conscious of what they put into their body that prefer organic marijuana.  Like most growers  I started out with liquid fertilizers and it’s not that you cant get decent results from synthehtic fertilizers but all the true connoisseurs will agree to create the best tasting end product its best to go fully organic grown in composted soil. Organic soil creates a superior quality and taste free of any harmful chemicals, synthetic PGR's or residues with a 2 week dry and a 1-2 month cure for perfect smoothness covered in natures diamonds we call trichomes oozing in the scents that bring you back to your childhood in the end.

Why Grow Organic Cannabis? 

What inspired you to try growing organic cannabis  living soil and or no till? For me it was how unsustainable it seemed to be dumping out my soil each grow as if it was contaminated when growing synthetic because well, it was. After learning more about soil and the current negative effects in the environment and life due to “modern” large scale farming techniques i knew there had to be a better way, a way that didnt just take from nature but worked together with it. And there is,people even used to practice these methods we just lost our knowledge getting caught up in the science of chemicals we started to overlook the importance of biology. We lost our ways but Nature led us back to no till. I also dont only smoke weed for effects, taste and flavor is also import in my consideration and i find different terpenes volatile sulfur compounds and other scent molecules in the plant give into the entourage effects that a fully developed cannabis bud has to offer. After digging in to the similarities between soil microbes and our gut bacteria, learning about soil inspired me to change my diet and free it of artificial or processed foods. Basically anything that wasnt compostable i began to cut out of my diet to fix my microbiome and its made my energy levels go through the roof and got rid of my heart burn. After seeing how natural ingredients made me feel it invigorated my passion for showing others this method of sustainable farming and life. I finally see some large scale farms successfully adopting organic methods to work with nature.


Time to combine our knowledge of science and biology into one🙌 Im still learning along the way and will be continually evolving and improving techniques to create the best organic regenerative grown buds possible while relaying all my most up to date techniques to you in real time.  Thank you for joining me on my journey! stay lifted!

Afterall, do you really want to be ingesting chemicals and toxins or filling the soil, water, and air with such damaging pollutants


Why Buy and Cultivate Organic Cannabis Seeds?

When you injest cannabis or any material into your body whether it through smoke, food or from contact, if it is not organic, you are absorbing endocrine disruptors  which effect fertility as well cancer and other disease-causing chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides used in cultivating your buds or favorite foods. Since most recreational and  and medical cannabis users smoke unfiltered marijuana theres actually a  much higher percentage of these toxins entering  the body in higher concentrations than from eating non-organic vegetables.  Also by smoking synthetically grown cannabis youre inherently supporting the release of   chemicals and pesticides into the native water and soil supply because rather than recycling their soil its a toxic waste that has to be dumped after every grow. So, by growing and consuming organic cannabis regenerative cannabis, you are helping   preserve the environment by reducing the number of unhealthy pollutants. 

One other advantage to growing cannabis 100% organically from seed to harvested bud is that your cannabis will taste better as it will be free of the harshness and also the full flavor is unlocked bunthe entourage effect of all the other compounds formed from organic growing aside from the main canniboids most dispensaries only focus on. for cannabis to be truly organic and healthy, not only should the entire growing process be chemical- and pesticide-free, but the very seeds themselves should to be completely natural and organic. I’ve given a clone from an outside source. I make sure to grow it out in a organic environment before taking clones again, or trying to breed with it, in order to enhance the genetic viability of the plant.  

Is It Expensive To Grow Organic Cannabis?

growing organically doesnt have to be expensive, in fact growing regenerative cannabisis actually  the most cost effective method , eating organic is not about economic or social class or riding the coattails of the latest diet trends. Eating as naturally and organically as possible is apolitical, as it is solely about choosing to care for both the health of your body and the health of the planet.

What Makes a Cannabis Seed Organic?

For a cannabis seed to be considered fully organic it must come from two parents that were cultivated 100% organically and not be preserved or treated with any types of chemicals afterward. Organic cannabis seeds have a better natural immune system thanks to the relationship with the microbes and fungi in the soil and so organic seeds  naturally have better resistance to issues like diseases, pests, molds, and mildew. As such, the genetic composition of organic cannabis seeds is often a cut above non-organic cannabis seeds.

How to Cultivate Organic Cannabis Seeds

Usinng the Best soil poossible will produce the best seeds, check my super soil video to get started, and thenn my regenerative composting video to start building your soil improving it with each cycle. theres a natural solutin for all pests as well.  While using things like pesticides and chemicals can help with all of these issues, they end up killing or harming beneficia life that exists in the soil. In


Is Growing Organic Cannabis Seeds Chemical-Free Easier/Better?


Once established, growing organically has lower maintenance and similar yields with much higher nutrient density producing more valuable crops. And, if you’re concerned about pests, there are plenty of ways to free cannabis is doing so in the way that it was intended to be. the life in the soil results in higher-quality cannabis with better THC, terpenes, cannabinoids


Where Can You Get Organic Cannabis Seeds? is one of the  best places to get organic cannabis seeds as all my plants and seeds are grown regeneratively in organic living soil. theres also many great breeders i recommend but only a handful use organic practices so youll have to check out their descriptions to be sure. Check the list of breeders i recommend here. 

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