5 Best Cannabis Seed Banks in The USA

The Best seed banks all rely on the best breeders.  There are many seedbanks today that just white label their strains meaning they have someone else create the seeds and genetics for them and they give them no credit and then release the seeds under their own brand. The problem here is they are often just attempting to  recreate popular strains on the market but they will never be exactly like the original because theyre using different phenotypes, sub par toxic growing techniques and untraceable lineages. In order to help guide you to actual reputable breeders i have compiled this list of some of the top rated cannabis seed banks i recommend that carry a lot of my favorite breeders! 

If you want quality genetics its important to find quality breeders using the best practices and only verified genetics with proper original lineages

check my list of 100 best breeders here, many of which are available from my top 5 seed banks. 

#1 lightseekerseeds 

of course being top of my list as its my own creations i have spent over a decade hunting and stabilizing before even starting to cross anything together. All the gentics i use are from the most sought after breeders in the world and all the lineages can be traced to their true original source or else i wont even work with it in my garden. I will never breed with a White Label strain from unknown breeders and untrustworthy seedbanks. Only my own creations or collabs are available here though, so to get from other breeders i suggest the seedbanks below. 

#2 seedbankinternational 

Is next on my list because they have a lot of my favorite breeders that really started to get my garden above average. This seedbank is run by the team at gage green group, who’s early creations have influenced a lot of the top strains today such as classics like mendo breath, grapestomper, and many more. 

use code “lightseeker” for 10% off seedbank international 

#3 Neptune Seeds 

This is one of my favorite seedbanks because they work with the most popular breeders around every release, one of the most trusted places to get hard to find breeders, but you have to pay attention to drops because the best breeders gear usually sells out pretty quick. 

 #4 North Atlantic Seed Co

what i love most about north atlantic is that they support a lot of the local north east breeders, and they are well known in the community for helping breeders. 

#5 Great Lakes Gentics

is another great option, and up until recently they only took cash payments so you know they are some legacy guys, they have a lot of hard to reach breeders like Bodhi and others who up until recently were impossible to get unless you sent cash in an envelope. They now accept credit cards and still carry some amazing old school breeders. 

These are some seedbanks that host a multitude of breeders, but another great way to get seeds is by supporting the breeders directly through their own website to buy direct from them if they have the option. Check my list of 100 best breeders here!

check my home page or browse the menu to see what i have in stock, if none of my own creations appeal  to you or are currently out of stock, There are a few other seedbanks i recommend that i can give you discount on and they also offer a collection of some of the top breeders in the industry and they stock hard to find rare cultivars, and if you dont know many breeders yet check out my list of the top 100 cannabis breeders of 2023, with descriptions on a lot of my favorite breeders! Most of which are all available on the seedbanks i recommend here!

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