Best US Cannabis Seed Banks 2023

Avoid White Labels! Buy From A Reputable Seed Bank. 

Don’t get burned buying from white label seedbanks like ILGM  Herbies or Crop King Seeds when you can support breeders directly and know exactly where the seeds came from with detailed lineage and years of careful selectionsNowadays there are many seed banks on the market, some of the top rated cannabis seed banks are just white labeling their strains. (putting their own brand on other breeders work, and pumping out replications of popular strains on the market today rather than originals) 
If you’re just getting started then these seedbanks can offer a lower price point and some basic seeds to get your hands dirty, but when you have everything dialed in its time to step up the genetics by searching for the best reputable breeders on the market today,


Its no wonder some cut corners when it can take years to properly make a strain and hunt through untestable genetics to find what you’re  after and the best breeders only use verified genetics and only release their own cultivars for sale after the’ve been thoroughly tested for herm rates.  Reputable breeders make sure they only release a worthy product as they put their own name on the brand, and take pride in their creations. where as white label seed banks only want your money and they dont care if the genetics they offer are actually sourced properly or are what they claim to be nor do they perform proper testing. 

If you take pride in your growing like i do, you should also research more breeders who take pride in their creations such as the ones on the list above. 
thank you all for supporting! 


check my home page or browse the menu to see what i have in stock, if none of my own creations appeal  to you or are currently out of stock, There are a few seedbanks i recommend that offer a collection of some of the top breeders in the industry and they stock hard to find rare cultivars, and if you dont know many breeders yet check out my list of the top 100 cannabis breeders of 2023, with descriptions on a lot of my favorite breeders! Most of which are all available on the seedbanks i recommend here!
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