What is a Light Seeker?

What is A Light Seeker? 

My definition of a Light Seeker, otherwise known as a light worker is someone who wholeheartedly lives to make the world a brighter place. A light seeker is someone who seeks the light out of the darkness that surrounds us both physically and mentally. Light Seekers turn their light on by following what lights them up and then effortlessly sharing that light with the world around them. They are in tune with the passions of their soul and act on its whispers regardless of fear from the ego. They do not need to convince anyone of anything, rather just be the light. Anyone who chooses to devote their life to being a bright light in the world is a light worker. As "seekers of the light," we are united in an invisible bond of love for all humanity. We have faith in mankind. We know that good shall be victorious and ...as light seekers, we attempt to find the good or light in all people and scenarios to make sense of the human experience from the standpoint of love and logic. We believe we are spiritual beings, living a human existence.

As light seekers, we tend to be catalysts and encourage others to find their center, often times sacrificing our own well being in the process. Light Seekers never stop questioning reality, and will forever be seeking the truth to expand our consciousness. Light Seekers understand that man is flawed, but the spirit is pure. Our role is to aid the progress of Universal knowledge and individual co-existence.

There are two types of energy on this planet: light and dark. Light energy is unlimited and comes from Source. It’s high vibrational, expansive, positive, and full of love.

Dark energy is much more dense. It’s the manipulation, power struggle, and fear. It sees us all as separate, rather than connected spiritual beings. It goes against the flow of the Universe.

I believe We are all just energy connected to the universal consciousness and Our purpose in life is to fix our flaws so we can evolve into the next level of consciousness  or perhaps even another dimension. The Universal Life force is a collective of spiritual energy and a singular consciousness. Our experiences, failures, and successes will affect each proceeding incarnation of this universal timeline. Seek out the light and be the catalyst of change. Help others find their light and peel away their humanity, so that they may discover the beauty of their spirit. For the spirit is everlasting, and the human experience brief. To be tolerant we can’t tolerate intolerance.  Be kind to others, chase your dreams and most importantly be yourself. Your thoughts manifest your reality. Some call it working your light. By following what you love, By choosing a higher thought when you find yourself in a bad mood, when you encourage someone instead of criticizing them, or when you share your unique gifts with the world at no cost, you are working your light. By connecting to the unlimited supply of love in the Universe, you are working your light. By being true to yourself, you are working your light. By being kind and compassionate, you are working your light.

It’s this kind of perspective that led me to believe keeping secrets for profit has suppressed evolution for too long and it is important to share all we learn with the community at no cost which is why i made my youtube channel so that we can all continue to evolve together, instead of dying with secrets we feel entitled to because we paid for them. As much as I believe it is  important to pay it forward we must also  pay it backwards to all the legends and wrongly prosecuted who paved the way for us to thrive today. Which is why i built giving back into lightseekerseeds.com by donating 10% of profits from every sale to meaningful charities. 

Now i ask, Are you a Light Seeker? 
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