Basalt Applied to No Till Pots

Paramagnetism : The Secret To Hawaii’s Rich Soil & How to Increase Paramagnetic Properties of Living Soil With Basalt Rock Dust

 First off heres the video version for those who prefer a hands on learning, if you prefer reading, then just scroll past this video, 

I unlocked a new ingredient, basalt Rock dust is from volcanic rock, its the secret of Hawaii’s soil, it harnesses paramagnetism making the soil slightly more magnetic, and so it aligns its structure with the earths magnetic field unlocking the energy of the universe into the soil and plants ( I know it sounds sketchy, but i  swear this isn't bro science) bear with me,  

Here's what a large chunk of Olivine basalt looks like,,


What make this  even more interesting is Plants are diamagnetic, one misconception is that diamagnetic materials are repelled by magnets, but thats not exactly the case, diamagnetic materials including plants actually align their atoms the opposite direction from the magnet's,  basically creating a slight attraction to to the soil, adding even more to the yin and yang relationship between the soil and the plant,

So by increasing paramagnetism in the soil you increase the interactive capabilities within the soil to make the exchange of nutrients between the microbes and fungi to the plant even smoother, thus increasing nutrient uptake. 

Different forms of magnetism, para magnetism


The magnetic energy from the earth flows through the paramagnetic soil into the diamagnetic structure of the plants, vastly improving their growth. This energy also improves microbial growth. 

 A well developed living soil has much more paramagnetic properties than a synthetic one, and paramagnetic soils are known to create more nutrient dense foods.  By adding a good olivine rich basalt my Next batch will be even more grounded and connected to the earth than ever.  

Many soils are relatively low on the paramagnetism scale. In those soils, it will always be a struggle to raise healthy plants and nutrient-dense food. You can measure yours with a PC soil meter, named after Dr. Phil Callahan, who spent decades studying paramagnetism in soils and rocks around the world. He discovered that the most productive soils are highly paramagnetic.

I've never got to use the meter but it's fascinating, however the  high cost of  about $500, keeps it out of range for most home growers. it just makes sense to assume our soil could use a little more paramagnetism. And so i by adding what im calling the secret of hawaii ill be connecting my soil too the earth in even more powerful ways truly i am always just trying to replicate the most ideal outdoor environment in an indoor grow space. By working with natural organic products we can get our soils more grounded even if they are on the 3rd floor of an indoor building, and this is not just bro science, the charts and studies can verify everything I've stated. 

Red Bud Basalt

The application Rate of Basalt in no till containers  is stated on RedbudSoil  website to be

1/4 - 3/4 cup per 15 gallon container, 

so i went on the slightly heavier side and added 1 cup to each of my 25 gallon no till pots to get the basalt really introduced to the soil, after this first application i may add slightly less in future top dressings.

 Basalt isnt only used for the Paramagnetic properties, it also will add things like iron, cobalt, zinc, and manganese to your soil. It also provides a source of silicon. Silicon in plants can help plants resist drought, heat, and other issue that may arise. It will protect the plants cell walls, and make them more robust to any environmental issue that you may get over the growing season. as i mentioned in a recent vid of 5 Organic Nutrients I Wish I Knew About Sooner, and Basalt will surely be featured in the next video if i make one. 

Once i Update my most recent Regenerative Top Dressing  Recipe ill provide the link to that blog here! 

If you guys found anything useful i greatly appreciate your support on patreon to those who can spare it down below to keep this page going with free knowledge, anyway thanks for reading,

until next time! stay up buds! 


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My brother and I operate a row crop farm in Mississippi,and we have just started using Olivine rock dust and sand on a large scale basis[several hundred acres] for carbon sequestering and liming abilities of the material. We are just now learning about the paramagnetic part of it and the importance of in the soil. I wonder why we have not all known about this sooner? Anyways I enjoyed reading your artical. Thanks, keep writing these. P.S This also explains why the stuff sticks to loader buckets and dump trailers.

David Harris

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