Where To Buy Cannabis Clones Certified Breeders Cuts In The USA

Light Seeker Seeds is an eastern cannabis breeding company focused on providing top quality cannabis seeds from verified sourced featuring the best genetics in the US.  There are several trustworthy sites and sources to buy breeder cut clones from in The U.S. that will ship right to your door discretely and nearly any clone is available when ordered ahead of time.  If you prefer meeting in person or prefer a quicker turn around and live on the east coast there are also great local pickup options below.

For every 1 good source of clones there are probably a hundred bad ones, You have to be careful who and where you source your clones from as that is the number 1 way to introduce pests and pathogens into your garden from another grow. For these reasons many prefer to grow from seed to keep any outside deseases or critters out of their garden, but if you prefer not to pheno hunt yourself, clones are a great way to really elevate your garden when sourced properly. I like a mix of pheno hunting from seed and clones in my garden so i can keep up with the latest genetics and use them as benchmarks for my own future selections. 

Shipping U.S. Orders

Legit Genetics

Certified Breeder Cut Clones of Some of The Current Industries Rarest Gear. verified breeder cut clones featuring some of the most sought after clones on the market. Some of these are cut to order so processing time may be delayed. 


Local East Coast Option

Boston Clone Co 

If you dont trust shipping and want clones that you can pickup yourself and you're in the east coast, I highly recommend Boston Clones. They test all their mothers for HLVD and keep strict clean practices. I have grown many clones from them and have heard great things elsewhere. They have an ever changing rotation of all verified breeder cut clones featuring some of the most sought after clones on the market so you can get things going in your garden right away with what they have available. I believe they also have a cut to order menu if what they have available now doesn’t excite you. They might even have a shipping option as well! 
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