Regular cannabis seeds vs feminized cannabis seeds

Regular cannabis seeds vs feminized cannabis seeds

Depending what you prefer there are pros and cons to both regular cannabis seeds and feminized cannabis seeds, both can produce great results when sourced correctly. 

Regular Cannabis Seeds 

Buy Organic Regular Cannabis seeds from Light Seeker Seeds to ensure greater genetic diversity as nature intended and unlock the full genetic potential of the plant. 

All Light Seeker Seeds parent cultivars are hunted for stability before crossing, then the offspring is also hunted for stability before release.

Regular marijuana Seeds are Great for those looking to begin breeding by selecting worthy cannabis males


Feminized Cannabis Seeds 


Buy Organic Feminized Cannabis Seeds online at Light Seeker Seeds. All of our craft Feminized marijuana seeds are created by hunting favorites for stability and then forcing them to reverse sex by suppressing ethylene production using STS or colloidal silver to create feminized pollen. Not all breeders create feminized marijuana seeds equally but when done correctly they should be 99% female, the 1% mainly just leaving room for possible genetic mutations since thats always possible in evolution but it is very unlikely you will find any males in these lines as they’ve already been hunted them before release.

All Light Seeker Seeds parent cultivars are hunted for stability before crossing find out more about my methods here

Feminized Cannabis seeds are best for those who want to avoid males in the garden completely to create pure sinsemilla with every bean. 

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