Donations May 2024

On May 19th 2024 we raised $294.27 in donations so far from the Heart Stomper drop, thank you all for making this dream a reality,  this is Just a small step in the right direction but this was my dream when starting this company, to be able to give back to the community with both free knowledge of organic sustainable farming practices through @organnabisgrow to help repair the environment synthetic farming has ruined, and then to step it up further by giving back 10% of all profits of all @lightseekerseeds to charities helping free those wrongfully incarcerated for cannabis laws, while we benefit from the current market they created yet still are unable to benefit from. I will also look into more sustainable and environmentally geared charities to support. I think its important to support the things you want to see in the future, to create a brighter place, where we spend our money is like voting for the people who are doing things right and i thank you for believing in me, as i really want to make a positive impact on this planet so when i leave it behind i can rid myself of guilt, and at least be able to say i tried my best. I will be listing all the past donations on the website for all to see the impact we are making. Thank you all for the support! And thank you all for helping to make a difference! Thank you for bringing some light to this dark world- Z

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